Where it all started...

I was inspired by a local photographer at a young age.  I grew up wanting to be just like him and capture life through picture taking.  Although, I had the drive and determination to make this dream come true, I had no idea how to make it happen.  When I got my first camera this man started to show me the ropes.  He challenged me every day to become more knowledgeable in this profession.  My love for photography keeps growing as I get deeper into it.  My passion is to take one of a kind high quality photos.  It doesn't matter if I'm capturing weddings, cars, engagements, or simple portraits, I've to come to love it all.  It's the challenge of taking in all the elements of photography and putting them together to capture something truly amazing.  I love to take pictures that speak a thousand words.  I want to produce photos that people can love and cherish for years to come.  There's nothing more valuble than a picture that means so much to someone.  A photo that can take you back to the very moment it was taken is priceless.  The power a picture can hold when it makes you reminisce about the good ole days is unmatched.  It's these types of pictures that make me love what I do.  I would never be able to make this dream come true if it wasn't for that local photographer, Mark Thompson.  For that, I am eternally grateful. 

 " What's my favorite photo I've taken?  The one I'm going to take tomorrow."       


 -Jake Boyd